International Youth Exchange

How IYE Works

IYE matches youth from different countries together whose families both work for the airlines. These youth are matched up for a summer 'Exchange.' Each youth will visit the other’s home during separate two-week periods over the summer holiday. The youth are together at both homes.

Online Application
Parents and youth fill out the IYE application online. For more information about the application, visit the "How to Apply" page. 


IYE Reviews Your Application
IYE reviews your profile and activates your account. After we do, you will be able to see information about other families who would like to participate in an IYE exchange. 


View Profiles Online
View the profiles of other applicants online. You will select your top choices of potential match families. 


IYE will contact the family you have selected as your top choice for a match
We ask the other family if they think it is a good match. 

Or, IYE will contact you to say there is a family who would like to do an exchange with you. 


When you and another family are interested in being matched
We will send you the contact information for the family abroad. You can begin to communicate with them. 


Communicating with your match family
The real fun begins! Your family will get to know your match family abroad. You will build a relationship with them while planning for the exchange. The two youth will get to know each other, and the parents will get to know each other.  


Prepare for the exchange and make plans with your match family
Like with any traveling, you will have to prepare for your exchange. You will arrange travel for your son or daughter, after choosing dates with your match family. 


The first youth travels, the other youth hosts in his or her home
The first part of the exchange! For example, your son or daughter hosts in your home for two weeks. Your guest experiences family life in your home. 


Later, the second youth travels, the other youth hosts in their home
The second part of the exchange! For example, your son or daughter travels to your match family's home. He or she learns about another country by living with your match family for two-weeks. An extraordinary opportunity to practice language skills and learn about another culture from someone of similar age. 

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