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Phillip 15, (USA) & Seymour 15, (France)

Here is a photo of Seymour and I in France. It was an absolutely AMAZING time and was a wonderful opportunity for my French to improve. I really enjoyed being able to meet people from a different culture, and I'm positive Seymour and I will be friends for the years to come. Thanks!

Phillip, USA, American Airlines Family

Laura, 14 (Germany) & Erin, 14 (USA)

From being mere exchange partners, Erin's now like a very good friend or even a sister to me - even though there's such a big distance between our two countries! I missed my American family so much that during my autumn vacation I once again went to see them for a short stay. And again we had a fabulous time. I'm already looking forward to them coming over to Germany next year!  

Whoever has taken part in an exchange program before, will agree that this is an absolutely awesome and unique experience that will last a life long.

Laura, Lufthansa Airline Family

Amandine, 15 (France) & Courtney, 15 (Canada)

Our daughter, Amandine is back home in France and as the others years, it was a wonderful exchange. She enjoyed a lot Vancouver and around and the family was very, very nice. She is planning already to meet her friend; Courtney next year maybe in Quebec! We thank you a lot again this year; your association is a wonderful idea..... Our son 10 years old will do it as soon as he turns 14.

Thank you again,

Jocelyn, Parent, Air France Family


Courtney truly had a wonderful time while she was in Paris. We were very happy with the exchange and the trip exceeded all Courtney’s and our expectations. We do not feel that Courtney could have had a better exchange or a better host family. When Amandine arrived here in Vancouver we saw that a true friendship had developed during the short period of time while the girls were together in Paris. We also felt it was as if we had known this girl forever. The girls’ personalities were very similar with them both liking similar things. It was very easy for Amandine to adapt to certain situations which she had not experienced before. She was also willing to try everything which made our first experience as host parents really wonderful. Courtney came back with a better understanding of the French language and a knowledge of a new culture. Someday I am sure Courtney will return to Paris and hopefully Amandine and her family will come to Canada .   

Thanks again for making such a positive experience possible!

Dolores, Parent, Air Canada Family

Anna, 17 (USA) & Romane, 17 (France)

We had a great exchange! As a Chicago suburbanite, I got to show Romane what life is like in America during the fourth of July and simple day-to-day life. I introduced her to Big Gulps, Six Flags, Chicago-style pizza, garage sales, Dave & Busters, a parade, festivals, the Willis Tower, the Bean, and much more! In France, her family introduced me to life in the suburbs and downtown Paris, at the sea in Vendée, and many other places including the Castle of Chantilly, the Astérix amusement park, the Eiffle Tower, and Galleries Lafayette! I'm so happy my mom heard about this program and that I chose to participate in such an amazing experience!

Anna, USA, United Airline Family

Camile, 14 (USA) & Andrea, 14 (Germany)

Camille loved the exchange! She and Andrea had a lot of fun, together. We have already completed our application for next summer!

Misty, Parent, Delta Airlines Family

Carson, 14 (BC) & Pierre, 14 (France)

Thank you so much for doing such a great job of matching the boys! Hosting Pierre in British Columbia and Carson’s visit to France have both been a tremendous experience for our son, and he has made a good friend.

Sandra, Parent, American Airline Family

Casey (USA) & Giorgia (Italy)

The exchange was absolutely wonderful. Giorgia and her Family were so nice. We loved having Giorgia here with us and Casey absolutely adored Italy. She loved Giorgia's family and friends and is still in contact with them.

Lisa, Parent, Continental Airlines

Cedric (France) & Conrad (USA)

Cedric from France was such a delight to have in our home.  Our entire family thoroughly enjoyed having him stay with us. We hope to stay in touch with him and his family and have him back to see us in Denver anytime. His parents have also been so wonderful to my son.  

While Cedric was with us the boys took in a Colorado Rockies game, we took a short trip to Las Vegas, NV and then visited the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. But for us the best part of hosting Cedric was getting to know him, he has a great sense of humor and a wonderful personality.

Thank you so much for the work you put into this program.  My son is returning later today from France and I can't wait to hear all about his time there.   

Michele, Parent, United Airlines family

Felicity, 16 (USA) & Camille, 15 (France)

Our exchange person, Camille, from France, spent a wonderful 2 weeks sightseeing NYC, visiting the Jersey Shore, and doing various activities in NJ and PA with us. She was delightful and we could not have asked for anyone better. She became one of our family and it was sad to say goodbye to her. Our daughter, Felicity, is in France with her and having a wonderful time with Camille's family. We have had frequent updates with pictures online. I am hoping to meet them when I work my trip to Paris later in the summer. We are hoping that this will become a lifelong friendship and have been telling other people about your program. We thank you for all of your assistance in giving our daughter and our family an experience of a lifetime.

Pamela, Parent, American Airlines Family

Jose, 15 (Spain) & Nolan, 14 (USA)

Our family was fortunate to be matched up with Jose, from Madrid, Spain. Nolan had a fantastic time getting to know his family and this special culture an ocean away. He is now easily making an "A" in his Spanish 1 class in high school! Jose was so enjoyable to have. It was fun to relive Tampa from a newcomer's standpoint. Thanks so much for allowing us to have this experience. We would like to do it again next summer with Nolan and perhaps another of our children.

Jenny, Parent, American Airlines Family

Rachel, 16 (Canada) & Eleanora, 16 (Italy)

Eleonora had a great time in Canada with Rachel and her family.

They are already talking about meeting again as soon as possible.

Thank you!  Rosaria, Parent, Alitalia Family

Trevor, 15 (USA) & Javier, 15 (Spain)

The boy’s are having a great time together, and they have become friends quickly.

We were very happy about the exchange experience and I think all the family improved their English.  We are 6 at home and we learned as well about American culture and we explained to Trevor about European culture. I think it was a good  personal experience for my son, because it was the first time he travelled alone, and he managed very well at the airport and with the host familiy. 

He is looking forward to exchange again next year and his brother and sister, too!

Hugs from Spain,

María, Parent, Iberia Airlines

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