International Youth Exchange

How To Apply

Just click on APPLY NOW to begin.

The application includes:

  • Account setup: choose a username, you will use it to login
  • Youth Application: interests, hobbies, languages studied, travel experience
  • Countries and Dates: where would you like to travel, and when are you available
  • Parent Application: what will you share with the youth when you host
  • Payment: use credit card or paypal

We recommended the youth and parent fill out the application together. 

IYE works tirelessly to find an exchange for every youth who applies. We are able to find an exchange match for 90% of our applicants. Unfortunately, due to odd numbers of applicants and specific countries youth wish to visit, we cannot always match everyone. We don't want anyone to take it personally if they cannot be matched. For those applicants we are unable to match, we gladly hold their applications for the following year and make it a top priority to find them an exchange. 

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International Youth Exchange
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