International Youth Exchange

What is IYE?

IYE matches youth ages 14 to 19 with a correspondent of similar age from an airline family abroad. The youth are together in both homes. They spend two weeks in your home and two weeks in the home of the match family.

While your son or daughter is abroad, they have the opportunity to learn about another culture from someone their own age. Living with a family abroad for two weeks is an extraordinary way to experience another country.

As you host a youth from another country, your entire family shares in the experience. Your family will share fun activities and home life with your guest. Your son or daughter will spend part of his or her school holiday with their exchange match.

Airline families enjoy this program in part because of the flexibility it allows. Every exchange is different. You and your match family decide the details. 

IYE matches you with a family abroad. From there, you communicate with your match family and build a relationship prior to the exchange.  It is fun to get to know the family abroad while you make plans for the exchange.

Finally, IYE stays with you throughout the exchange to answer questions and provide support for both families.

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