A program for airline employees.

We match your family with an airline family abroad so your youth can travel in the summer.

IYE allows your son or daughter to live with a family abroad for two weeks, during which time they have the opportunity to expand their foreign language skills and explore a new culture with someone their own age.

Jenna - age 16, United States

I am so grateful for the time Melodie and I spent together. When I first signed up for this program, I had no idea that I was going to meet one of the best friends I will ever have! We instantly clicked, like a match made in Heaven! Leaving her was the hardest thing to do. I learned so much - not only about French culture - but about the importance of love and family. From camping on the French coast to strolling through the streets of NYC, I had a blast. Thank you so much IYE!

Melodie - age 16, France

I had a great time with Jenna and her family - they were all adorable! It was such a good experience and I wanted to say thank you. Because of you and your website, I met the perfect American friend to travel the world with. We still talk every day, and I'm planning to go back to visit soon! They are my second family now!